Sample Submission & Shipping Instructions

Sample Submission Instructions
The safety of your samples is of paramount importance to ORB. Please review our suggestions prior to sample preparation and shipping to ensure maximum protection of your samples.

  1. Contact us to obtain sample-specific information or refer to general sample information page for platform-specific starting input requirements.
  2. Prepare samples according to ORB’s recommended protocols and methods.
  3. Complete a project-specific sample submission checklist.

Shipping Instructions

  1. Email completed sample submission checklist and include a hard copy with your package that is in a sealed plastic bag.
  2. Select a box for shipment that has an external dimension of at least 25 cm in each dimension. The box should have a sturdy cardboard exterior and inner Styrofoam box with wall thickness of at least 2.5 cm.
  3. Fill the storage box with 1.5 kg of dry ice. Cool a 133 mm x 133 mm x 48 mm (2 ml tubes) or 73 mm (5 ml tubes) vial storage box in the shipping container.
  4. Transfer the frozen sample tubes to the vial storage box.
  5. Fill in the free areas of the vial storage box with dry ice and secure the vial storage box top over the samples using wire or string.

dry ice

  1. Fill the Styrofoam shipping container with additional dry ice, and packing peanuts (if necessary) in order to minimize free space in the package.
  2. Important — the total dry ice content should be at least 2.5 kg.
  3. Use preferred courier’s standard overnight delivery to ship the package to ORB at the address below.
  4. Affix the dry ice sticker to the exterior of the package and record the same dry ice weight on the sticker as was used during set-up of the shipment (may require metric to English unit conversion).
  5. Ship to the address below:
    Ocean Ridge Biosciences
    394 SW 12th Avenue
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
  6. Call 754-600-5128 or 561-428-5548 upon shipping.

An ORB scientist will contact you as soon as your samples have been received and inventoried to notify you of their condition upon arrival.