Technical Sales Manager

Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) is seeking a Technical Sales Manager, to join a team focused on driving sales of its line of efficient and reliable RNA Profiling and Biomarker Discovery services into the life sciences marketplace. This position is suitable for persons with M.S.- or Ph.D. – level training in the life sciences or related discipline, recent experience in the life science field, and at least some sales experience. Further sales and management training will be provided by ORB as required. The position includes a competitive base salary, commission, and stock options.

Application Procedure: Submit a cover letter that describes your reasons for applying to ORB and highlights your capabilities that are relevant to the position to Submit a resume that fully describes past job experiences, academic credentials and internships, as well as technical writing skills.

Description: The Technical Sales Manager is responsible for maintaining and further building working relationships with ORB’s industrial and academic clients. He/ she will regularly contact clients, offer new services, answer technical questions, and draft work orders and other contracts. In addition, the selected candidate will be responsible for developing new opportunities in targeted geographic regions through intelligent cold calling, e-mail campaigns, networking, and site visits.

The Technical Sales Manager will maintain a working knowledge of ORB’s services and their applications in drug discovery and development, in order offer the appropriate services to present and future clients, while also identifying underserved applications and promising new technologies that can be integrated into ORB’s suite of services. He/ she will regularly communicate with current and potential clients through the drafting and delivery of e-mail, blog entries, and   social media posts.

Requirements: The position requires a M.S. or Ph.D. in a Life Sciences discipline, two or more years of experience working in the life sciences (e.g. thesis master’s, laboratory technician, technical sales), and at least some sales experience (e.g. technical sales, retail, hospitality). Qualified candidate will have a basic knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology, genomics, and the drug discovery and development process. The selected individual will be able to assimilate knowledge of specific genomic and bioinformatic services quickly, understanding both the molecular (as applicable) and biological basis for these services as well as their applications in drug discovery.

The selected candidate will possess good oral and written communication skills. He/she should be comfortable presenting scientific data and methods to both a lay and technical audience. The preferred candidate will be able to converse with prospective clients on both scientific and popular topics in an engaging and non-obtrusive manner both in-person and by phone. Written communication abilities should comprise the ability to draft technical reports, emails, and blog entries that contain engaging content and meet established grammar and punctuation rules.

The ability to stay organized in a fast-paced environment and effectively utilize contact management and Microsoft Office applications will be an essential attribute of the selected candidate. Familiarity with established techniques for generating sales of technical services would be an advantage.

Candidate must be able to travel up to 33% of the time.

About the Company: ORB is a South-Florida based contract research organization specializing in RNA Profiling and Biomarker Discovery. Its mission is to help biotech and drug companies to develop the next generation of personalized therapeutic agents together with reliable companion diagnostic tests that can be used to identify individuals most likely to respond to each targeted therapy. ORB’s offerings include a wide variety of biological sample handling and bioinformatic services directed towards the application of genomics and genetics to drug development and biomarker discovery with an emphasis on genetic and gene expression profiling of liquid biopsy and other readily available clinical samples (micro-needle tissue biopsies, FFPE tissue, flow-sorted cells, saliva, stool, etc.). ORB’s market advantage is the integration of a wide array of technical services, timeliness, customization, and a rapid rate of innovation.

Computational Scientist – Genomics

Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB), a South Florida-based contract research organization specializing in RNA Profiling and Biomarker Discovery, is currently seeking an ambitious and entrepreneurial scientist with expertise in scripting and analysis of complex data sets to fill the position of Computational Scientist - Genomics.

Description: The Computational Scientist will perform data processing and analysis of complex data sets derived from sequencing, quantitative PCR, and multiplex immunoassays. Projects will include gene expression, genome-wide and focused analysis of somatic and germ-line polymorphisms, and analysis of the microbiome. In addition, the Computational Scientist will contribute to the design and implementation of software infrastructure at ORB for sequencing data transfer, processing, and analysis. A particular focus of the analysis will be the use of 3rd part informatics environments, software packages, and databases to add biological context to genomics data sets. Custom script development for data manipulation and utilization of open-source tools will be a core responsibility of the selected individual. The Computational Scientist will provide written documentation of pipelines and scripts that are developed according to documentation methods that have been established at ORB.

Requirements: The qualified candidate will possess an M.S. or Ph.D. in biological, natural, or computer sciences with two or more years of recent experience in writing custom code for data analysis applications in biology. The experience requirement could be met in part by research performed to complete a thesis or internships but not by coursework. The position requires proficiency in statistics and coding experience in two or more computer languages including Visual Basic, R, Perl, Python, PHP, or Java. The candidate should also have experience working with databases such as MySQL and/or Microsoft Access. In-depth experience with the Linux operating system is also required.

The selected candidate must demonstrate both spoken and written fluency in the English language. Code must be well documented and candidate must be willing to maintain a verbose digital laboratory notebook. The selected candidate must be capable of maintaining well-organized paper and digital records of client and R&D analysis projects that will be easily accessible to company staff. The Computational Scientist must be able to communicate his/her ideas clearly through e-mail, in oral communications, and through production of well-drafted reports containing text and graphical elements. A strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and consistent positive attitude are required.

Application Procedure:  Through, please submit a cover letter describing your reasons for applying to ORB along with a resume that highlights your experiences and skills that are relevant to the position.

Compensation: $80,000 - $120,000 depending on credentials, background, and level of expertise in subjects making up the job description. Position includes company subsidized health, dental, and vision plan. The selected individual will have the option to join ORB’s profit interest plan.