COVID-19: Clinical Pathways to Pandemic Relief

By Graeme Gardner, Ph.
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Space Biology: A Road to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond

It’s an exciting time in the field of space travel research.
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Book Review - Bad Blood - Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou chronicles the rise and fall of multibillion-dollar biotech startup Theranos.
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Harnessing the microbiome potential

Spring is underway in parts of the US, and while Florida by no means undergoes the dramatic reappearance of foliage or colorful clumps of daffodils and azaleas, the southern part of the sunshine state experiences its share of spring renewals.
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ORB relocates to Deerfield Beach and celebrates grand opening of new facility with local researchers

After 8 years of operation in Palm Beach Gardens, Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) has recently relocated to a 5,394 sq.
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Circulating tumor DNA evaluated as an alternative to tissue NGS for non-small cell lung cancer

Tissue biopsies, which are currently the gold standard molecular diagnostic technique for oncologists, are not only painful to cancer patients, but expose an already immune-comprised population to increased rates of nosocomial infections.
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FierceBiotech's 2016 Fierce 15

It's that time of year again when new school routines are established, deciduous trees begin their showy transformation, and FierceBiotech releases its annual list of 15 innovative companies who are primed to make a big splash in the biopharma industry. Fierce, which can be understood as "furiously eager or intense", aptly describes the fortitude required to usher any novel approach or compound through the lab and clinic, and for over a decade, 14 years to be precise, this compilation has highlighted pharmaceutical and drug development companies that embody fierceness. These biotechs doggedly pursue creative therapeutics and strategies to cure or at the very least manage life-threatening diseases. This year proves no different.

Oncology focused therapies dominate this pack with 40% of the selected companies pressing into the immune-oncology (I/O), oncolytic virus, and personal cancer vaccine spaces. Boldly Forty Seven is stepping away from the well-chartered checkpoint inhibitors to explore the potential of the innate immune system with their next-generation I/O candidate, and C4 Therapeutics' degronimids are trail-blazing the protein degradation niche. However, beyond cancer, these biotechs cover the gamut with programs honing in on Alzheimer's disease, Prader-Willi disease, unraveling the microbiome, rare and monogenic diseases, and more.

1. Adicet Bio
2. AnnexonBiosciences
3. ArcusBiosciences
4. Atreca
5. BladeTherapeutics
6. C4Therapeutics
7. FortySeven
8. FulcrumTherapeutics
9. IdeayaBiosciences
10. NeonTherapeutics
11. Oncorus
12. OrchardTherapeutics
13. RhythmPharmaceuticals
14. VedantaBiosciences
15. Honorable Mention:AveXis

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Happy Birthday Charles

February 12th, 1809, Shrewsbury, England (UK).
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Palm Beach State Students tour Ocean Ridge Biosciences (2014-12-08)

On Monday November 25th, 2014 Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) hosted a tour of the lab facility for Palm Beach State Biotechnology students.
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Characterization of small non-coding RNAs in human seminal exosomes. (2014-06-30)

Exosomes, extracellular microvesicles of 30-200 nanometers in diameter, have been detected in a wide variety of biological fluids including serum, saliva, urine and lymph.
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