Long RNA Sequencing

Standard gene-level analysis packages, gene set enrichment analysis to examine up– and down-regulation of differentially expressed genes, and alternative splicing analysis.


Small RNA Sequencing

Analyze several small RNA biotypes including mature microRNA, pre-microRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, snRNA, and more. Identification of novel microRNA and microRNA target prediction services are also available.


Long Non-Coding RNA

Examine RNA molecules exceeding 200 nucleotides in length including antisense, intergenic, overlapping, intronic, bidirectional, and processed RNAs.


Xenograft Data Segregation

Strengthen RNA sequencing analyses from xenograft samples with ORB’s data segregation service.


Predictive Modeling


Identify potential genetic biomarkers with ORB’s predictive modeling services which include logistic regression, random forest, and support vector machine algorithms.



Evaluate gene expression of microbial communities with alignment to target species, taxonomic classification, and de novo transcriptome assembly.