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Seqirus boosting output and focusing on just a few vaccines: CSL CEO
Establishing a leading flu vaccine player takes time, but during the two-plus years of Seqirus' existence, the new company has worked to both hone its portfolio and boost output of next-gen cell culture flu vaccines, the chief of its parent company said in an interview.
Fierce Pharma, 2018-01-23 19:51:35

CHIP renewed for six years as Congress votes to reopen Federal government
A brief, partial shutdown of the federal government was resolved Monday, as the Senate and House approved legislation that would keep federal dollars flowing until Feb. 8, as well as fund the Children's Health Insurance Program for the next six years.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:43:02

Metabolic shift can result in congestive heart failure
The heart derives its energy primarily from fatty acids. However, if a metabolic shift to other energy sources takes place, this can result in congestive heart failure, scientists from the German Cancer Research Center and Heidelberg University Hospital have now discovered.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:40:27

Researchers unravel function of protein ‘smallish’
During the development of an embryo, every single cell needs to know who it is, where it is, and what it has to do. Important is the polarity of the cell: Where is the top, where is the bottom, where are front and back? Only when the cell is polarized in the right way can it change the shape in exactly the way which is needed to form a certain structure or organ.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:36:39

Curcumin could provide meaningful cognitive benefits, study suggests
Lovers of Indian food, give yourselves a second helping: Daily consumption of a certain form of curcumin -- the substance that gives Indian curry its bright color -- improved memory and mood in people with mild, age-related memory loss, according to the results of a study conducted by UCLA researchers.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:31:31

Sensory feedback facilitates enhanced brainwave control of portable hand-exoskeleton
An extremely lightweight and portable hand exoskeleton may one day help the physically impaired with daily living. These are the hopes of EPFL scientist Luca Randazzo who is developing the exoskeleton with the Defitech Chair in Brain-Machine Interface led by José del R. Millán.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:26:37

Scientists identify molecular key that opens up compacted genome
News article describing the recent discovery of pax7, a protein which opens up compacted DNA for access by transcription factors.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:24:49

University under fire for off-the-grid herpes vaccine experiments
Southern Illinois University's medical school has halted all herpes research, one of its most high-profile projects, amid growing controversy over a researcher's unauthorized methods offshore and in the U.S.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:12:27

Gastric environment permanently changes in the presence of Helicobacter pylori infection
The make-up of the human gut flora is highly individual and extremely diverse. However, when a Helicobacter pylori infection is present, this bacterium displaces all other bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, leaving only Helicobacter bacteria in the stomach.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2018-01-23 17:08:57