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Small clinical trial reveals promising results of triple immunotherapy in treating rare skin cancer
Three out of four patients treated with an experimental combination of three different therapies for the rare skin cancer known as Merkel cell carcinoma are in complete remission following the treatment, according to study results from a small clinical trial led at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 07:02:40

Common, inexpensive chemical could slow aging of human skin, research suggests
New work from the University of Maryland suggests that a common, inexpensive and safe chemical could slow the aging of human skin.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 06:47:00

Researchers develop new plasmonic sensor that improves early detection of cancer biomarkers
A new plasmonic sensor developed by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will serve as a reliable early detection of biomarkers for many forms of cancer and eventually other diseases.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 06:34:00

Handshake-free zone: keep those hands — and germs — to yourself in the hospital
Dr. Mark Sklansky, a self-described germaphobe, can't stop thinking about how quickly those little microbes can spread.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 06:17:22

Rice University scientists develop and evaluate analogs of potent cancer fighters
Rice University scientists have developed and evaluated analogs of potent anti-tumor agents known as epothilones using designs and methods that both improve their biological properties and simplify their manufacture.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 06:17:10

Study finds opioid dependence and overdose rates after urologic surgery
About 1 in 1,111 patients who undergo urologic surgery for conditions such as prostate cancer and kidney stones experience opioid dependence or overdose (ODO), a Loyola Medicine study has found.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 02:37:00

Study: Type 2 diabetes linked to bacteria that penetrate mucus lining of the colon
In humans, developing metabolic disease, particularly type 2 diabetes, is correlated with having bacteria that penetrate the mucus lining of the colon, according to a study led by Drs. Benoit Chassaing and Andrew Gewirtz at Georgia State University.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 02:24:18

Phthalate exposure linked to depressed thyroid function in young girls
Early childhood exposures to specific phthalates were associated with depressed thyroid function in girls at age 3, according to scientists at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. Phthalates, a class of chemicals thought to disrupt the endocrine system, are widely used in consumer products from plastic toys to household building materials to shampoos.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 02:17:20

Majority of adolescent girls in conflict settings are victimized by violence, study reveals
A majority of displaced adolescent girls are victimized by violence, according to a new study in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia by researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2017-05-31 02:14:04