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More research urgently needed on the use of antibiotics in animals
A special issue of Animal Health Research Reviews turns the spotlight on the science underlying this growing crisis - looking at the evidence base for using antibiotics to prevent illness in beef and dairy cattle, swine, and broiler poultry.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 11:48:19

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

Technique used to study human epidemiology reveals coral disease risk factors
In a study published in Scientific Reports, a team of international researchers led by University of Hawaii at Mānoa postdoctoral fellow Jamie Caldwell used a statistical technique typically employed in human epidemiology to determine the ecological risk factors affecting the prevalence of two coral diseases--growth anomalies, abnormalities like coral tumors, and white syndromes, infectious diseases similar to flesh-eating bacteria.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 11:32:53

Using newly discovered immune cell type to fight pancreatic cancer
Immunotherapy is showing great promise for treating cancer. But so far, this approach has been effective in only about 20% of all cancers. To advance those results, researchers are looking for new ways to mobilize the immune system to destroy tumors.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 11:19:44

Two new grants will help researchers to study neurotechnology, drug delivery system
Two grants will fund interdisciplinary research at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, including a look at how neurons and muscle cells communicate with each other and also to develop a drug delivery system for treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 05:31:53

Catalytic nanoreactors could simplify the manufacturing process of fine chemicals
The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a 'Public Health Emergency of International Concern' on the 30th of January
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 04:57:42

Understanding how juvenile social isolation might shape long term behavioral outcomes
Mount Sinai Researchers find social isolation during key developmental windows drives long term changes to activity patterns of neurons involved in initiating social approach in an animal model.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 04:36:08

Comprehensive tumor profiling reveals why osteosarcoma does not respond to immunotherapy
Comprehensive profiling of tumor samples taken from patients with osteosarcoma shows that multiple factors contribute to the traditionally poor responses observed from treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, according to new research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 04:28:30

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

A step towards precision medicine for the management of monogenic diabetes
Diabetes affects more than 400 million people worldwide and is a major public health problem. Although commonly referred to as a single disease, it actually constitutes a group of metabolic disorders with hyperglycemia as a common feature. Of all its forms, monogenic diabetes - due to a mutation in one of the genes involved in the management of blood sugar levels - affects 1% to 4% of all cases of diabetes.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2020-02-23 04:21:52

Artificial Intelligence Discovers Potent Antibiotic
Researchers used a machine-learning platform to test more than 100 million molecules for antibacterial activity.
The Scientist, 2020-02-22 20:09:11