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Roche's Tecentriq scores a first-in-class double win in new liver cancer patients
Roche is out in full force with Tecentriq results in liver cancer. The immuno-oncology med, in combination with fellow Roche drug Avastin, not only showed it could beat Bayer's standard-of-care Nexavar at stalling cancer progression in previously untreated patients. It extended their lives, too.
Fierce Pharma, 2019-10-21 13:55:57

Teva, distributors sidestep Ohio opioid trial with last-minute deal: WSJ
A high-profile opioid trial was set to start today in Ohio, but four more companies inked settlements to avoid appearing in court. Teva, AmerisourceBergen, McKesson and Cardinal Health settled on Monday, leaving Walgreens as the one defendant standing, according to the WSJ.
Fierce Pharma, 2019-10-21 13:40:36

After $700M-plus Merck buyout, Tilos CEO Fox lands at Rheos Medicines
Barbara Fox, Ph.D., is getting right back on the horse. Fresh off Tilos Therapeutics’ $773 million sale to Merck, Fox is taking the helm of another Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company: Rheos Medicines.
Fierce Biotech, 2019-10-21 13:28:27

Alexion scores second FDA nod for Soliris successor drug as switching campaign continues
With a patent challenge for blockbuster Soliris underway, Alexion is working hard to extend the reach of its successor drug Ultomiris. With one carry-over indication already in the bag, Ultomiris just added a second to keep Alexion’s switching campaign afloat.
Fierce Pharma, 2019-10-21 13:18:53

Zantac maker Sanofi joins peers in recalling antacid
While many of its peers recalled their generic versions of Zantac, Sanofi, maker of the branded version in the U.S., bided its time as the FDA investigated the risks posed by a suspected cancer-causing impurity found in the drugs. Now, it has capitulated—sort of. 
Fierce Pharma, 2019-10-21 13:07:44

FiercePharmaPolitics—Democrats to name pricing bill in Elijah Cummings' honor
The U.S. lost a pharma watchdog last week as Rep. Elijah Cummings passed away at age 68. In tribute to his fight to lower drug prices, Democrats will name their wide-ranging bill after the late lawmaker. Analysts still see gridlock ahead for the proposal, though, as 2020 elections inch closer.
Fierce Pharma, 2019-10-21 13:00:35

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

Seattle Genetics' breast cancer drug hits mark in pivotal trial
A pivotal trial of Seattle Genetics’ tucatinib in patients with HER2-positive breast cancer has met its primary endpoint. The data tee Seattle Genetics up to file for FDA approval of a TKI inhibitor it paid $614 million to acquire last year.
Fierce Biotech, 2019-10-21 12:18:43

Electronic Sun Sentinel: Gene analysis lab moves to Deerfield Beach

ORB Company News, 2016-12-02 21:24:27

Mothers and fathers influence their adult children's health in very different ways
Some adults see their mothers and fathers as still influencing their own health - but in very different ways, according to a new study.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-10-21 12:12:54

Research shows promising impact of systematic PROM collection in routine breast cancer care
Value in Health, the official journal of ISPOR- the professional society for health economics and outcomes research, announced today the publication of new research showing that systematic collection of patient-reported outcome measures in breast cancer care has a promising impact on patients, providers, and care processes/systems.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-10-21 11:23:10