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Medtronic to distribute's stroke-spotting AI imaging software
Medtronic is tapping, a developer of artificial intelligence programs to help spot strokes, for a distribution partnership to bring its technology to more hospitals and centers.
Fierce Biotech, 2019-07-22 14:16:11

Johnson & Johnson aims to torpedo thousands of talc cases with one high-stakes hearing
J&J faces about 14,200 lawsuits alleging harm from talc, and Monday marks its next big test. In a New Jersey courtroom, the drugmaker plans to challenge expert evidence set to be presented at trial—and if the judge agrees, that's all she wrote for most of the talc cases.
Fierce Pharma, 2019-07-22 13:43:35

Key hires during Q2 2019 at ORB
Deerfield Beach, July 19, 2019 - Ocean Ridge Biosciences (ORB) announces two key hires in Q2 2019.
ORB Company News, 2019-07-20 00:49:36

New technology helps develop more personalized treatments for patients with advanced cancers
Being able to identify targets for adoptive cell therapies is one of the first steps in developing personalized treatments for people with hard-to-treat cancers.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:42:43

ORB Employees Participate in 2019 Martin Luther King Day Event
ORB employees get a rare break from the lab on January 21, 2019. A group of Ocean Ridge Biosciences employees stepped out of the lab on a beautiful South Florida winter day to take part in an event honoring Martin Luther King. We got our hands dirty planting some flowers and shrubs at a local park in Deerfield Beach.
ORB Company News, 2019-01-22 23:24:59

Study examines role of plastic exposure in irregular heart rhythms, arrhythmias
Calling an ambulance during an emergency, emailing a breaking news or journal article before a 5 p.m. deadline and maintaining conditions during the fifth week of a 6-week lab study, without altering the light or temperature, requires electricity and translates into time, money and lives
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:42:31

Survey: Parents blame themselves to be main barrier to teen independence
Something most parents don't want to hear from their teenager: I am not prepared to be an adult, and it's your fault.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:30:00

Statistical analyses of EEG recordings can provide better understanding of epileptic seizures
Pyramidal graphs resulting from statistical analyses of EEG recordings can improve our understanding of epileptic seizures.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:25:49

Study finds striking differences in use of electronic health records among physicians
Modernizing health records by making them electronic has gained momentum as technology evolves and policies push health care toward digital solutions. But the same trend has not been evident for physicians who remain in private practice, new research finds.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:22:49

NuVasive launches all-in-one spine surgery suite
NuVasive has begun the full commercial launch of its Pulse platform, which integrates different technologies into multiple spine surgery procedures including bone fusions, corrections and more.
Fierce Biotech, 2019-07-22 13:11:24

Experts assess health risk for users of urban agriculture
Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid are developing a tool to estimate the health effects of urban agriculture.
News Medical Life Sciences, 2019-07-22 13:07:57